Body Sense Massage Testimonials

“Had my first ever massage yesterday with Babette. I was more than impressed. She found my knotted muscles and pain points, and relaxed them. I would highly recommend Babette Lewis and Bodysense to my friends and family!”
Mark W

“I have been getting what I thought were good massages until I met Babette. She is truly magical and after one of her massages, I truly feel re-energized. Babette not only gives an excellent massage but is a true professional massage therapist.”
Michael Ecker

“In my weekly Massage Therapy sessions with Babette over the past year, I have experienced an amazing physical transformation. She has incredible hands and has improved my health 10 fold Her nutritional guidance has also been invaluable. we highly recommend her services at The Lake Worth Scene” for South Florida.”
Jef Lawlor

“I have chronic back pain since 1999 and since I started doing massage therapy with Babette five years ago, I have become more stable. The massages help with my lower back tension, daily stress and keep me centered.”
Eric Hernandez

“Babette has been massaging my pains, ailments, and general well being to health for the last ten years. She is caring, compassionate, and her work is awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is interested in a healthier, happier well being.”
Peter St. George

“Babette brings a beautiful balance of relaxing massage and physical therapy to my massage sessions. Her skilled hands have helped my body to create more muscle tone and vibrancy… Something you will want to add to your weekly or monthly routine”
Jo Ann Chase
Office Manager at JoAnn’s Spa, Ambassador Hotel in Palm Beach, FL.

“A massage with Babette leaves me feeling refreshed and I forgot where I used to ache… Her massage is stimulating and energizing, but leaves me feeling relaxed and a few years younger.”
Deborah Tobias
Web Designer