Body Sense Massage Therapy Pricing

Bodysense Massage Therapy Pricing:
Studio – $75 per hour
Studio – $120 per hour and half
Deep Tissue Massage – $75 per hour
Relative or Deep pressure Bodysense Massage is 60 – 90 minutes

Relatively Massage improves lymphatic flow and circulation, cleans out the toxins and reduces the risk of disease while stimulating the immune system. Detoxifies the skin and reduces heart and pulse rate. Deepens breathing and helps keep stress at bay.

Deep pressure session incorporates a variety of modalities to enhance muscle tone, releasing somatic restrictions and adhesions, and relieving you of nagging tension, pain or anxiety. Overall posture and balance can improve from the extra added personal attention.

Gift Certificates are available for friends and loved ones for a happier healthier birthday and holiday gifts. Read some of her clients testimonials.