Babette Lewis, LMT

Bodysense Massage Therapy

Welcome to Bodysense! I am Babette Lewis and I provide therapeutic massage in High Springs, Florida. Let me offer you a massage to soothe your aching muscles and help your mental health in these stressful times. Let go and let a massage take you away!

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999. I have found that a massage for most serious conditions once a week is sufficient, and twice a month may bring anyone much more self confidence as they let go of the mental stress and strain, bringing them back to well-being inside and out.

At Bodysense Massage Therapy each client receives a uniquely personalized session using techniques and depth of pressure most helpful to them. A massage session can be dedicated to relaxation or focused on specific injuries or conditions. Modalities can include Deep or Light Swedish (Feet, Hands and Scalp). Babette also can give guidance in the areas of nutrition and stretching.

Massage is an accepted part of physical rehabilitation programs and has proven to be beneficial for many chronic conditions including neck strain, lower back and hip pain, arthritis and bursitis. Massage provides relief to people from the weekend athlete to the overstressed executive working to keep pace in today’s economy. The elderly population will also enjoy the benefits of massage as it improves circulation, promotes positive thinking and improves balance.

Babette offers deep and light Swedish Massage Therapy in High Springs and outlying areas. See what her clients have to say.